Lifting Fixtures

Along with the variety of cranes Carpenter Crane Hoist builds, CCH also builds the under the hook lifting devises. With the engineering capability and testing CCH can design, fabricate, test and certify lifting fixtures for cranes. This includes specialty lifting fixtures, spreader beams and lifting beams. CCH has built lifting beam from 50 lb capacity to 100 ton capacity.

Lifting Beams

Carpenter Crane has designed and built lifting beams to 100 ton capacity. Most lifting beams are a custom design to meet the customer’s requirements. There are many standard features like multi pick points, multi lift points, types of top bails and motorized bails.

Spreader Beams

CCH will design and build custom spreader beams for different applications. Many times there are features a customer may need for a specific lift. CCH can build it to meet many needs.

Specialty Lifting Fixtures


Carpenter Crane’s experience in the semiconductor industry has given CCH the unique capability to build lifting fixtures to meet the unusual needs of a clean room environment. Many of the fixtures we design are CE certified and meet SEMI requirements.

Delta Star Transformers

Delta Star had a new product that weighed 100 tons. The problem was the crane in their building could only lift 70 tons. They needed another crane to help with the lift. The support structure in the building couldn’t take a 100 ton load so the cranes had to stay 34 feet apart. The solution was to build a spreader beam 34 feet long that the two cranes could share.

The beams were constructed of two wide flange beams with the flanges welded edge to edge. This required a full penetration weld on a flange that is 1 3/8” thick. The process used for the weld, was a submerged arc weld. It was done with an automated submerged arc welder that did the weld in a single pass. To do the same weld with a MIG welder would take 200 man hours. The submerged arc welder did the same weld in 8 hours.

Levin Metals Shipping Terminal

Levin ships scrap metal by freighter. The nature of the lifting and dumping of the scrap bins into the ships cargo hull is brutal. The rigging needs to be oversized to endure the beating it will take. The spreader assembly for the bins was having excessive wear. There was also a need to reduce the total weight of the spreader as to increase the amount of scrap the crane can lift. This would give them the ability to load a ship faster and see a cost savings.

CCH designed a spreader to accomplish their goals, it is lighter in weight and we installed bearings for the rigging at the wear points.